Sunday, October 3, 2010

May 8, 2010 - Seattle's Snoqualmie Falls

Fast forward one month and we're in Seattle visiting Tammy and Steve and their family as well as Brent and Allison. My nephew Steven had the lead in his school play and we wanted to come support him. He played Apollo, the Greek god of light and sun. We were really impressed with his acting abilities. He had to sing, dance, fight, play the handsome heart throb, and everything else acting in a play entails. Look out Broadway...

The next day we decided to take a trip to Snoqualmie Falls located just outside of Seattle. We hiked up there with Steve, Tammy, and all the kids.

Sophie got a little tired and opted to be carried most of the time. Smart girl!!! I don't think Justin will forget his hat next time. Or maybe he will?...

I love my sister!

We take advantage of any opportunity we have for someone to take a picture for us. We usually settle for the self portraits that are fun but usually only show our two ginormous heads and nothing in the background.

It's amazing how much easier the hike down was than the hike back up the hill back to the cars. What goes down, must come back up...if you want to go home. :) It was worth it though - so beautiful! And who says the weather in Seattle can't be nice? Yeah, we got lucky!

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