Sunday, October 3, 2010

April 8 and 9, 2010- Our First Visitors

Yes, it is only a week after we were married, but why should that stop people from visiting us?! We actually have had two visitors this first weekend we were home as a married couple. My sister, Shannon, came to help out with the reception we had this weekend and my friend, Leslie from California (but living in New York now) who came for a friend's wedding.

It is so fun playing tour guide, but unfortunately I still don't know where anything is so I'm not the most qualified entertainer. We went to the coast, to the town of Newport to begin our fun. We stopped at the beach first. The beaches here are a little chilly and the sand is usually always wet. The water is apparently really cold, but I'm too chicken to try it out!

We planned to have some delicious chowder at the renowned "Mo's" but it closed before we got to it. Sad! So we settled for the local salt water taffy and chocolates. We also stopped by the lighthouse and toured around the small building. Shannon and I entertained ourselves with the upstairs window as you can see. My sister is so sexy!

That afternoon we went to American Dreams Pizza for the best pie in town! Obama ate there when he came so you know it must be good. Haha! (It is very delicious though despite the Obama stamp of approval.)

Later, Leslie left to be with the wedding party, so I was left to entertain Shannon. We went to downtown Corvallis - such a thriving metropolis I assure you - and walked around the cute shops. My favorite is the home furnishing store that has very tempting items available for purchase...imagine that! Justin and I decided to take her to a Beaver Baseball game that evening. Her friend Jake - who is going to school at OU - came up and went with us. It was a chilly evening but we had a blast...obviously!

The next day we got up early to go to the temple. It was such a beautiful spring day. We got some fun pics by the flowers at the temple in Portland.

We had a fabulous open house at Justin's uncle Dave's and aunt Jeri's house in Portland. They have a beautiful home with a gorgeous backyard so it wasn't crowded. We showed our wedding video and had food catered by Whole Foods, which was incredible! Brent and Allison came from Seattle and many of Justin's friends and co-workers came from the Portland area to show support. It was fun to meet all of them. A huge thank you to Dave and Jeri for the use of their home and to everyone who came! (I have already thanked them by the way, this is just a more public way of doing it.)

Side note...we found another amazing mullet!

Thanks for being our first visitors, Leslie and Shannon! We love you guys and you are always welcome.

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  1. Oh, that was so fun!! I might need you to email those pictures to me. They're so fun! I don't think I took any pictures that weekend. That window picture...oh funny! Thanks for letting me come...even when it was only a week after the wedding :)