Sunday, October 3, 2010

June 12, 2010 - Silver Falls Oregon

I've been here in Oregon now for almost 6 months and have barely scratched the surface of all the beautiful sights there are to see here. One of those sights, I can now cross off the list...Silver Falls. They are so close so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit!

Silver Falls are a series of 5 waterfalls between Salem and Portland, just north of where we live. We didn't have tons of time today for it, but there is a trail that you can hike that takes you to all the different falls. We just made it to the main one that everyone wants to see. It was a beautiful day and we weren't disappointed with the falls.

My husband is so strong!!! What a goof!

We taught a teenage boy how to use a camera for the first time so we could get a picture together. I'm pretty sure he belonged to the mennonites or some religious group that doesn't use modern technology and suggests wearing homemade clothing (girls wear dresses.) When we asked him to take a picture, he looked at us like we had asked him to fly a spaceship to the moon. Justin showed him how to center us in the display box and push the button on the top of the camera to take the picture. The picture didn't turn out so well, but we were glad to have given him the opportunity because he was very excited about having done it when he gave the camera back.

We found a giant ant pile while we were walking down a path. I'm pretty sure everyone's first instinct is to throw something at an ant pile. Well, you need not be disappointed because that's exactly what Justin did. We even got it on video. Brutal? Maybe. But it was amusing...more so watching the person doing the throwing than the actual ant pile. ;)

On our way home, I made Justin stop several times so I could pick some wild flowers. He regretfully obliged me. I got a beautiful bouquet, but we both suffered the consequences. All of the fields are pollenating right now and we both have allergies.

Allergies + Pollen in visible clouds rising up from the grass fields = MISERY

This area of Oregon is the #1 grass seed producing area in the world! Ugh!!!

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