Sunday, October 3, 2010

June 26, 2010 - Cannon Beach

Obviously, we don't really stay put very much. Yes, there are times I just want to stay home, but we have so much fun and are enjoying it as much as we can, while we can. This weekend's destination is another of Oregon's beauties - Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach is north of Newport, west of Portland. This beach is most well know for it's appearance in the movie Goonies. yes, that ups it's coolness factor significantly!

The beach is beautiful and lots of people come here to sun bathe and play on the sand. This sand is softer and warmer than the sand in Newport, just west of Corvallis. We walked around and played in the sand for a bit. Kite flying is huge here as the ocean breeze provides the constant wind necessary. There was a couple who brought dish soap in huge tubs with long PVC pipes connected with string to make gigantic bubbles. You could fit a person inside these bubbles they were so big. They would pop over people's heads and soak them with soap.

There was a wedding taking place in a tent that they had set up on the beach. As a prop, they had set up this boat with actual plants buried in the sand around it. I didn't know they were using it for the wedding initially. I was so confused as to how this boat got washed up the shore this far and why it was still there. Also, why were these the only plants growing on the entire beach. Seemed like a crazy coincidence. Turns out it was!

We also made our way to Seaside, the neighboring town, where the Lewis and Clark trail ends. We got our picture taken at the monument that's there. Pretty cool I guess. Just another thing to cross off the list of "to do's."

As we were walking down the street in Seaside, we smelled smoke and looked over and saw a Corvette on fire in the street. People were just standing around watching. Genius, considering the thing could explode at any moment. It was intoxicating smoke. It smelled like burnt plastic and rubber.

We walked around downtown, stopping in a few of the little shops that were appealing. We got some carmel corn and some taffy. Justin got a piece of pizza to tie him over until dinner. The town was so charming and cute! It helped that it was such a perfect day.

We went back to Cannon Beach that evening and Justin started a fire. We had made tinfoil dinners in advance and kept them in a cooler. We waited for the perfect coals and cooked them to perfection. People were so jealous as they walked by smelling our delicious meals. We roasted a couple of marshmallows for s'mores too. The sunset was incredible and to share this all with my best friend and love of my life was perfect! Oh how I am grateful for him. Another perfect day!

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